Frequently asked questions

Are the flutes new?

Yes, all flutes are brand new!

Do I have to pay sales tax?

If your state requires a sales tax, then the sales tax will be added to the total sale. We will comply with all fiscal regulations.

My flute is out of tune?

That is very common. The block of the flute probably shifted durrinng shipping. All you have to do is slowly slide the block along the flute untill you get the correct pitch.

Do I have to pay for shipping?

The Windpony flutes ship to you next business day for FREE in continental US. Unfortunately we are not able to ship internationally due to different customs laws for otheer contries. Feel free to visit our Amazon store where our flutes can be shipped internationally.

Can I order multiple flutes?

Absolutely! Just update your desired quantity in the cart or add other items to yourr cart.

What CD's I am going to receive?

As a gift to you, you will receive a randomly selecteed Windppony flute CD. Feel freee to contacct us if you would like to recceive a specific CD. Here is the compleete CD collection available: